Handling systems for Lifting Techniques

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Our Gear Rack drives have multiple uses.


Whether in automation, machine and assembly construction or in automobile production:  Our handling systems are used in numerous industries in which movement, performance and strength have to be integrated. We develop individual solutions within the realm of lifting techniques for various applications. From positioning of automobile chassis in production lines to packaging systems for the food industry.

Here is how LEANTECHNIK comes into play: For over 20 years, Leantechnik has developed and manufactured fast, high precision and robust Lifting Systems from the basis of its Gear Rack Drives, which are prefect to transfer systematically under heavy duty conditions. Our Gear Rack Drives have a modular design configuration, which allows mulitple assemblies with any combination with each other. With our three product partners ligo, lean SL and leantranspo, we can offer you multiple solutions in the field of Lifting Systems.  Collectively, we will also find the appropiate solution for your handling process.

See for yourself and experience the numerous application possibilities that can be seen on Vimeo or on YouTube of our Handling Systems with Gear Rack Drives.

Lifting Systems from LEANTECHNIK – What can we do for you?

Every application has it’s special characteristics.  With LEANTECHNIK, you don’t get just any standard Gear Rack Drive. instead you profit from our innovative building block system. Our engineers are standing by to provide you support to assemble your handling system with suitable components.

These are our drive solutions in the realm of Lifting Techniques


These Gear Rack Lift Drives with linear guided racks, are designed for fast, precise and synchronized equipment. For applications that require high transverse forces, our lifgo® series are the first choice for capacity demands and durability.

lean SL®

The robust and valuable alternative to lifgo®. This Gear Rack Drive is designed for straightforward sychronized lifting tasks, where exact control is already existent and transverse forces are not required.


With the combination of Gear Rack Drives – lifgo® and lean SL®, including parts, motors and steel construction; individual leantranspo® Systems can be created for the most discriminate applications of lifting techniques.


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