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Multiple Choices

No matter how the Lift or Positioning system should perform for your application, with leantranspo® there are numerous possibilities.

Selection of Parameters

With leantranspo®, we offer a Lift System for synchronized positioning which allows the parameters to be easily selected.

Complete Applications

Allowing you to concentrate on your essential requirements, we can deliver a full functioning Lift and Positioning System that can be immediately integrated.

leantranspo® – Cutting Edge Solution from the house of LEANTECHNIK

leantranspo® is significant in the development and manufacture of parts and production systems.

The development and construction of an individual leantranspo® system, integrates Gear Rack Drives – lifgo® and lean SL®, with parts, motors and steel frame structure. Individual leantranspo® systems can be created for the most discriminate lifting applications.


Benefit from our experienced engineering team. They are prepared to assist with design and development recommendations of cutting-edge solutions that meet your demands and requirements.

The system of unlimited possibilities!

The AFP®-modular system of LEANTECHNIK !

Universal accessory mounting

Extremly tight operating parameters

Freely selectable drive position

Highest precision

Simple & Quick installation

Application Alternatives

Motionless Lifting Station

Lifting tables for automotive chassis assemble are unreliable. A good example is a motionless lifting station. The chassis is delivered on a high-speed conveyor and lifts it into a stationary position. A robot then pulls and installs various parts throughout the production process.

LEANTECHNIK has been a partner with the automobile industry for more than 15 years and is trusted by divisions within. High precision and efficient lifting tables / lifting systems are required, which allow robots to work at optimal levels. The lifting table pictured was built with two double lifting columns and fitted with lifgo® linear Gear Rack Drives.  And, the vertical lift of 125 cm (49.21 inches) with the exact positioning of .01 mm (.0003937 inches) is perfect to meet the high standards of the automotive industry.  The double lifting table can handle high capacity loads with superb repeatability which are important factors in automotive production.

Double Lifting Column

The Double Lifting Columns from LEANTECHNIK are efficient and conserve space.  Due to separate drives, the lifting devices are independent from each other so that two systems can be operated at the same time.  In addition, Lifting Columns are used in the automotive industry for fabrication systems and production-line assembly.  In these systems, parts such as car doors, trunk lids or hoods are produced.

In the assembly of a Lifting system, we encountered the challenges of an assembly space that had a ceiling height of only 3.2 meters (10.5 feet). Despite the limitations of the production area, our engineers were able to install the Lifting Column successfully. In 3 seconds, the Lifting System can travel up to 1800 mm (70 inches) and handle a capacity up to 850 kg (1870 lbs ). The Gear Rack Drive, lifgo® Linear 5.3 Series, each have a lifting force of 15,000 N and travel on a rack in the operational range of the Lifting Column.

High Precision Positioning

Primary point of DAP is our Gear Rack Drives, in that rotatory movement is transferred to linear movement. Our lifgo® Gear Rack Drives have precise roller bearings which provide exact positioning and are outstanding for high lifting speeds and the delivery of high transverse forces. There are four model variations in three sizes available and in addition the lifgo® 5.4 is for extreme weight situations.

Three Axis Positioning System (DAP)

This system was specifically developed for the automotive industry due to industry demands. All renowned automotive manufacturers are under pressure to produce a variety of models, but in smaller production runs. To meet these industry demands, production must be flexible and efficient. One option is to produce several automobile models on a production line. Consequently, you need a “Positioning System” that has been designed for such applications. Our “Three Axis Positioning System” (TAPS) has the flexibility to adapt to the various types of chassis and the flexibility to transport through the production line as parts are installed.

Perfectly positioned for every automobile model

Through the combination and synchronization of two or four lifgo® Drives powered by an electrical motor, the positioning system has the ability to move in different directions without extensive programming or assembly. Therefore, synchronized vertical and horizontal lift movements are achievable without difficulties.  On the X axis a lift from 500 mm (19.68 inches), the Y axis from 250 mm (9.84 inches) and on the Z axis from 350 mm (13.78 inches) are possible. The repeatability lies between +/- 0.02 and +/- 0.01 mm. The lifting force is 3,500 N.

The positioning points operate independently from each other. They capture each ends of a chassis with support from take up points and are held with expanding grips.  A controller jointly regulates each automobile model with essential spacing between the lifting points, lifts parts for the welding robot and manages other production processes at ideal working heights.

Flexible Engineering & Production floor planning

Our DAP – Three Axis Positioning System offers the user a flexible production floorplan in which the positioning points of each chassis dimension can be automatically orientated. In this respect, LEANTECHNIK is a superior supplier in the production of multi-dimensional chassis.

For automobile assembly, we can offer our Lift & Carry System with an additional Lifting System. It positions chassis for continuous operations with speed and precision.

leantranspo® – Designed to your requirements

  • Two Axis Portal and Positioning Table
  • Two Axis Transfer & Parts Conveyor
  • Three Axis Positioning System
  • Four Axis System with rotating turret and Suction
  • Lift & Lower Conveyor Systems
  • Portal Equipment with Three Axis Grippers
  • Two Axis Palletizer
  • Sorting Equipment
  • Lift Columns
  • Lift Tables

With lifgo® and lean SL®, we will find the suitable solution for your special application!


These Gear Rack Lift Drives with linear guided racks, are designed for fast, precise and synchronized equipment. For applications that require high transverse forces, our lifgo® series are the first choice for capacity demands and durability.

lean SL®

The robust and valuable alternative to lifgo®. This Gear Rack Drive is designed for straightforward sychronized lifting tasks, where exact control is already existent and transverse forces are not required.


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